Thursday, December 25, 2014

Need A Miracle?

Need a Miracle?

Watched a movie with my 96 year old Mom
Called recipe for a Christmas Miracle
Set in everybody's favorite city New York
As a Prophet of God I’m supposed to be tough
when I bring you a Message from God like
Straighten out your attitude + actions or God’s going to straighten out your mind + money!

People tend to shoot the messenger
Prophets of God must be tough + trained!

Anyway this movie 2 nights before Christmas
Recipe for a Christmas Miracle
Had both my 96 year old Mom and I
crying and hugging each other at the end

The Miracle Story is about a Mom, young business woman 
and a gorgeous Greek guy

The Mom is a vintage (read old) ex-entertainer she's broke!
Can’t get or hold a job, any job even waitress
She sponges off + rearranges her daughter’s life!

The business woman is her daughter 
Career obsessed as a frustrated food writer
for a "read all about it" big NYCity newspaper

Enter a gorgeous Greek guy struggling restaurateur

The plot thickens like a Greek lamb stew!

The gorgeous Greek guy needs the daughter to write a make my restaurant food review!

She needs a make my career food story 
+ her sponge woman mother is driving her nuts!

The broke Mom needs to restart her career
and get her own NYCity place for fun + freedom!

gorgeous Greek guy and frustrated food writer
Do a Christmas Greetings Deal
gorgeous Greek guy takes out Mom for a date
and frustrated food writer will visit his Greek restaurant taste his great food and tell all of NYCity about it

gorgeous Greek guy dates sponge woman mother they have fun and like each other

Enter plot screw up Mr. Gringe #1
frustrated food writer has bad writer’s block no miracle Christmas story Boss gives her a 24 hour deadline or you're fired

Enter plot screw up Mr. Gringe #2

gorgeous Greek guy's Greek NYCity landlord closes restaurant + takes furniture for rotten rent due

 frustrated food writer blows up at sponge woman mother Tells her the Truth that Hurts!

You abandoned me after Dad died Always rearranging my life and now my apartment and I set up your gorgeous Greek guy date

We’ve all done it!
Me too with my ancient 96 year old Mom!
You tell the Truth that Hurts!
Blow up the relationship!
Kaboom! Kaboom! Kaboom!

Our favorite WMD 
(read Weapon of Mind Destruction)

Plot enters CLIMAX
(climax family rated)

All 3 now discover 
True Truth in Love!
sponges woman Mom always loved frustrated food writer(daughter) 
who discovers she loves gorgeous Greek guy

Daughter has an ah Hah moment of clarity!
We have them after the doo-doo is all over us!

frustrated food writer writes the best NYCity food Christmas Story Her boss loves it - Career saved for today

frustrated food writer tells gorgeous Greek guy restaurateur
I love you! And together we’ll
Save the Restaurant!
frustrated food writer invites all her big NYCity newspaper workers to the restaurant’s opening night  

Tonight’s the night! You’ve got to come
Now comes the tear jerker Love your funny family
All in the scene are full of fantastic food and lots of Ouzo (booze)

Dancing the Anthony Quinn Zorba the Greek
Google circle of happy friends Greek dance on the tables!

Cut to close up of Christmas Story the END

Daughter’s boss puts the touch on her vintage Mom + all in the scene are serene + satisfied + snookered frustrated food writer is hugging and kissing gorgeous Greek guy (read I love you babe)woman captures man! go women go!

So, here’s the Recipe for Christ’s Mass Miracles for anyone
Tell the True Truth in Love 
Right away! Don’t wait!

Get Your Miracle Today! Call God on the U.W.W.
Universal Wide Word Some call it PRAYER

Ask God for your Christ’s Mass Miracle
Tell him you want to tell True Truth in Love to family and friends!
God will help you do it in Love

We at Ourplace are praying for you