Monday, October 5, 2015

The Tragedy of Just-In Trudeau

The Tragedy of Just-In Trudeau
#GodSaid to me Attend Just-In Trudeau’s Liberal-Charade at the PowerAde Coliseum! I did along with 5,000 others God have mercy on Just-In Trudeau, his beautiful wife Sophie Gregoire-Trudeau, his lovely children and all those he is fooling with his #PowerlessPromises He showed up 1½ hours late for his own party

Sunday, May 10, 2015

What's In the Toronto Star Water?

What’s In the Toronto Star Water?

John D. Cruickshank, Publisher, give TorStar water boy a raise
Some NEW Truth Telling is in the #TorontoStar Water!

Usually, i do not read newspapers
Most  "breaking news" is "retreaded old news"

However, one of my favourite silver dealers
Jimmy from HongKong gave me 
a free Saturday Toronto Star
because his "Star Dealer" had given him two

So I took it and being a man of God
read first, you guessed it, the Sports Section

Consider my unexpected pleasure
Reading DamienCox of @DamoSpin lead story
on the Habs win brought out all the old clich├ęs

Wherein he, the self-confessed "Damo Spinner"
Spins the tale that 1 Habswin in 4 playoff games
Does not mean it brought out their character

He and all other Hab fans may be interested
in God’s opinion on character, #GodSays

Exult in your sufferings
because you know that suffering works endurance
Endurance brings out character and character brings hope
Which hope so earned does not disappoint you

So given the beloved Montreal Canadian Habs
Beat Tampa Bay Lightning Saturday night on Hockey Night In Canada
It appears HabsHope is alive - Only 2 wins to go!

The Habs must have had the same
tell-the-truth secret ingredient in their water as the Toronto Star

Consider my further pleasant surprise with the Star’s "story-spinner" reporters
when I next turned to, you guessed it? 
The Opinion Page Cartoon

Usually the truest thing in the Star!
This time by Patrick Corrigan 
on Canada freeing Omar Khadr
and the Conservative Panic Room 
Close the#@!*@!! Door" Caption

Consider my continued surprise when reading

Susan Delacourt of  @SusanDelacourt story on
Ground Shifts, from Edmonton to Edinburgh
Ground shifts can also be called earthquakes!

Anyway, Susan agrees with the Star's Tim Harper
that selling hope and uniting the progressive left
may be a new undertow in world politics

So watch out Just-in Trudeau or PM Harper
Here comes Elizabeth May of the GreenParty!

I like Elizabeths - Including the British Queen 
my 96 year old Mom Elizabeth
and Elizabeth May - Anyone who can be happy
being ignored by the "BIG Boys" in Parliament
and endure - must be building character + hope!

Now to end my little story on
What’s In the Toronto Star Water?

The Jim Coyle Advice Story to
Vivacious New Alberta Premiere Rachel Notley

Jim has 12 fairly good points for Rachel's NDPs 

How to #SurviveWithPower - God’s Way

 1 Check out your caucus 
2 Watch your friends
3 Review your campaign platform 
See what you can deliver
4 Enthusiasm is no substitute for expertise
5 Don’t assume previous advocacy 
equips one for cabinet
6 Promise a new attitude and approach
7 Hire staff for ability not partisan fervour
8 Get rid of your Siege Mentality
As far as possible - Be decent with the media
God suggests you love your family, friends and enemies
9 Get to know your faithful civil servants
10 Don’t quote Edwin Burke 
But suggest your caucus reads him
God suggests strongly that you daily
Read his Handbook on Survival - the Bible!
11 Know that somewhere in your party 
Someone is taking notes and 
negotiating with a publisher!
Perhaps even John D. Cruickshank of #TorStar
12 Believe that you will never be 
as inept as JimPrentice

There you have it my family, friends
social media tweeters and enemies
Something NEW is in the Toronto Star Water!

Perhaps it is the tell-the-truth secret ingredient water from Niagara Falls!

Maybe Prime Minister Harper 
and "want-to-be-PM" Justin Trudeau
should also start to drink from the tell-the-truth 
free flowing Niagara Falls water

Friday, May 1, 2015

Helping the Devastated Ones

Dear Readers + Followers of God
Helping the Devastated Ones below you’ll read a short public letter i sent to Doug Saunders, a young reporter for Canada’s Globe and Mail. His Article in the April 28, 2015 Globe and its social media Proposed 5 Rules of Disaster Charity Based on his personal experiences during the 2004 Sri Lanka Tsunami Disaster
My Public Letter to Doug Saunders follows
Doug, your possible 5 Disaster Help Rules may work. They’re based on your 10 year-old experiences in the 2004 Sri Lanka Tsunami Disaster! Wherein you first-hand observed life but did NOT LIVE the DEVASTATED LIFE which the millions of devastated ones did!
Lived not only during the moment of disaster but for years afterwards!
You came! You saw! You wrote! And you went home to your O Canada Comfort Zone!
Basically Your 5 Disaster Rules Are
1 Do not proselytize
2 Give to the BIG charities e.g. UNICEF High Commission for Refugees – Red Cross/Red Crescent They can handle the BIG DISASTERS better Beware of Celebrity and Business People Vanity Charities
3 Don’t go there
4 Don’t send stuff
5 Give but don’t be specific

A Life-Changing thought for you Doug Saunders to bless the Nepal DEVASTATED ONES!
Ask your Globe and Mail boss to send you to Nepal right NOW! To let you stay there for the next 6 months to live in one of the worst devastated areas, perhaps Bhaktapur. Ask the devastated ones – What they NEED right NOW and later?
File a Devastated Nepal epiCentre BLOG
Let the devastated ones tell their story and WHAT they NEED right NOW and later
Act as a Communication Clearing Centre
for interested hands-on helpers for the next six months via your Devastated Nepal epiCentre Blog. Then, when you come back to safe and mostly serene O Canada after six months in Nepal, write a Life-Changing Book based on your experiences living with the devastated ones. Ask your Globe and Mail boss to let you serialize your Life-Changing Book in the Globe. The title of your book, A Globe Reporter’s Experience + Strength + Hope To help the Devastated Ones in Nepal
We at #Ourplace are praying for you and the devastated ones! If you and your boss at the Globe agree and you GO to Nepal for the next six months.We’ll gladly make a monetary contribution for your expenses and your book hendrickusOfOurplace

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Canada Bows to the littlegod of the economy

Canada Bows to the little god 
of the economy in its 2015 Budget

Today Canada’s Government presents its Budget
Prime Minister Harper will bow to the "Me First Voters" with his "economic bones"
He wants voters to remember him in this October’s election 
Another act of bowing to the little god of the economy

The little e-god who dominates
the lives of virtually all people on Gods earth 
Here's one of the e-god's idols
Queen Canada Cash Cat

We Canadians who sing 
God keep our land glorious and free 
are starting to forget
In God We Trust
Not trust in the little e-god of the economy 
or her idols and idol worshippers

Read and Pray The O Canada Prayer
 7 Canada Shaking Promises from God

My beloved Canadian Children of God 
The best I have for my nation and my dominion of Canada on my earth 
Believe, accept, recognize and build your lives upon it. It is done!

1. That every soul is fully Saved, Sanctified and Baptized in me 
the Father, Son and Holy Spirit - Canada’s God

2. That every child that is henceforth born 
comes forth holy fully Saved, Sanctified and Baptized in me

3. That every person in Canada, every person, hears and sees me their God 
and obeys and trusts me totally to do my will in their lives and in Canada

4. That every person, place and resource of Canada be now prepared to fully
Pray for the salvation of the world
Trust me to keep them alive in the coming worldwide famine
Receive, help and save the devastated millions I bring to Canada

5. That every person, place and resource of Canada work freely 
with every person, place and resource 
of my United States of America and my United States of Mexico to
Pray for the salvation of the world
Trust me to keep them alive in the coming worldwide famine
Receive, help and save the devastated millions 
I bring into Canada, the United States of America and Mexico

6. That all religious and cultural barriers influenced by the devil and man 
in perverting my unity, harmony and accord 
be destroyed in Canada, the USA and Mexico

7. That my Theocracy is believed, received and lived out 
in Canada, the USA and Mexico 
The Theocracy of the Father, Son, Holy Spirit, man, woman, youth and children 
in having full dominion by my Holy Spirit over
Their individual spirit, soul and body
Their households
Their neighbours, in the form of their businesses, religions 
cities, regions nations and the world they can influence

That is the best I have for my nation and my dominion of Canada 
It is done!
You and yours need only believe, accept, recognize 
and build your lives upon it - It is done!

Pray it unto me! Praise it unto me! Practice it in me! 
Your Lord God Almighty The Lord God Almighty of Canada 
The Lord God Almighty of the United States of America 
The Lord God Almighty of the United States of Mexico 
The Lord God Almighty of all the earth  
The Lord God Almighty of the universe 
  The One and Only Lord God Almighty! It is done! Amen Amen Amen
The End of this Word from the Lord God Almighty to his servant and prophet, hendrickus. Received Thursday, December 15, 2005 from 8:07 to 8:37 am E.D.T.

Beloved Reader, as to the truth of these revelations 
and how you are to conduct your life SEEK GOD ONLY!

He will reveal himself to you no matter where you are 
in your faith and faith maturity in God 
May God’s PEACE, POWER and TRUTH keep and guide you and yours

Have your spiritual eyes opened Canadians 
to see what God is doing in our midst since 2006

God keeps Canada Glorious and Free 
in spite of our unbelief and bowing to the little e-god of the economy

Friday, April 17, 2015

Spiritually Seeking Youth
Do You Follow
Spiritual Squawkers or Spiritual Sweethearts?

On my morning walks I always look to see what new thing God is doing
For God promises that he has new #mercy + new #grace every day!

So, I look for Gods mercy + grace
in all that I experience that day 

You as spiritually seeking youth
also want to see God at work in your life!

So let me share my pleasant surprise when God showed me
some spiritual squawkers busy
attracting others to their scraps

God used a flock of seagulls thats right seagulls!
They were fighting and squawking over scraps

Most circled overhead - Others pecked away 
greedily gobbling up the scraps

God said to me these seagulls are like people 
who tell you to follow them 
to survive successfully today their way 

They want you to partner with them
and freely give them your time + talent + treasure

But ask them for some of their money for your needs
and see if they also freely give to you?

Not spiritual squawkers - It is me first!
So #AskGod to put Spiritual Sweethearts in your life

#GodSays my spiritual sweethearts are like doves
My believing children who truly freely give of my blessings

My daily blessings they spiritually use in their own lives
Making them part of their whole being!
Spirit + Soul + Body

Than they can freely give to you + yours to help you
Survive my way with my grace power
at work in your peaceful, joyful and contented lives!

When you sincerely ask my Spiritual Sweethearts for my help
They freely give of their time + talent + treasure
Yes even their love and money!

You can see my mercy, grace and goodness in them
Because they graciously believe + receive + accept
that even the breath in their bodies comes from me!
And that my gracious supply is unlimited!

Ever flowing into those who freely let my blessings flow
to those I desire them to share with in my superabundant economy!

So spiritually seeking youth
Let God also help you recognize
the spiritual squawkers from the spiritual sweethearts in your lives!

And commune + communicate + community
with Gods spiritual sweethearts every day!

Gods Best Is Yet To Come!