Monday, December 10, 2018

Loneliness How to Stop Suffering Video

Loneliness – How to STOP suffering loneliness teenagers? 

There is a WHO and a HOW to STOP Suffering Ur Loneliness! 
One of the deadliest silent diseases especially in teenagers or young adult suffering in their busy social life! With its academic and social media pressures!
VIEW this short video on How to STOP Suffering Loneliness!

Come Join Youth of Ourplace in Living Ur Dream Life

U can do so by joining us in sharing Ur Dream Life experiences with God! Plus sharing with Ur family and friends in Ur favourite social media!

That God helps Loneliness – How to STOP suffering! Plus God helps U who ask for help in every other way of Ur life 

To live without stress daily!

Thursday, December 6, 2018

Loneliness – How to STOP suffering loneliness -Especially teenagers! Is that what U need right now?

Because, there is a Way to STOP suffering Ur loneliness. And loneliness is one of the deadliest silent diseases! Especially if Ur a teenager or young adult suffering in Ur busy social life! With all its academic, financial and social media pressures!
Interested? Read on! And get help in Ur Loneliness How to STOP Suffering!

It’s going to take Ur faith + prayers + belief + practice  READY?

Firstly Ur FAITH in God

That’s right it’s going to take FAITH in God to get rid of Ur loneliness!
U need to Ask God, as U understand God, to give U FAITH?
FAITH that God desires to and will remove Ur feelings of loneliness How to stop suffering! And replace them with a sense of always being in God’s PRESENCE and his very ready HELP to get U through any situation U face!
Specifically, U need to ask God to help U believe in Jesus Christ!
Here’s why? God uses Jesus Christ to take away all the consequences of Ur sins and Ur diseases, including loneliness! Because God forgives U in Jesus Christ … Therefore accept God’s gracious gift of Jesus Christ’s payment for Ur sins and diseases!

Jesus pointing us up to God our Protector

Secondly Ur PRAYERS to God

Don’t worry about how all this works or how God does it! Just PRAY to God! Ask God to help U believe in and accept Jesus Christ, as Ur Saviour and Lord? God’s grace will do the rest and continue to teach U how to practice it daily in Ur life!
God and U, via Christ, will work out Ur FAITH in Christ! Because Ur daily prayers are heard and answered by God! He’ll help U continue to improve Ur health! Plus he’ll help U to stop feeling alone in Ur life!

young man looking for God’s help in life

Thirdly BELIEVE in God via Jesus Christ

Because God, via Jesus Christ who’s spirit comes to dwell within U, will daily help U to continue to grow in Ur BELIEF in Jesus Christ! U’ll continue to  experience more of God’s blessings via Christ in Ur own life!
God even Guarantees his Promises in Christ, by also giving U graciously God’s Holy Spirit to dwell within U. God’s Holy Spirit will teach U all things in living God’s superabundant life in every area of Ur life! Especially, Ur loneliness How to stop suffering loneliness!

Christ in U Baptises U with God’s Holy Spirit


God via Jesus Christ and his Holy Spirit in U will continually help U to practice and grow in Ur FAITH in God! Because God desires U to be his ambassador to those around U within Ur family and friends!
As they, who have known U best, see Ur life becoming more joyful, peaceful, and protected, with Ur loneliness disease being fully gone; they’ll want to know Ur secret!
U can then share Ur personal experiences, by Ur faith + belief in God, via Jesus Christ. Sharing Ur personal experiences plus the positive changes in U, which they can see for themselves, will help them to try their faith in Jesus Christ to also reap the same blessings in their lives!
 U can then practice Ur common FAITH + BELIEF in God via Jesus Christ in Ur daily lives together. Plus praying for each other and freely sharing Ur God given resources of time + talent + treasure as each has need!

Fifthly IMPROVE the world – Begin with Ur SELF

By beginning to let God improve U first, U’ll start to experience how God can use U to IMPROVE Ur family, friends, neighbours and  Ur world !
U’ll start to use God’s gracious, unlimited resources in the universe to help U live a joyful and blessed life! As well as help Ur family and friends
We at Ourplace are continually learning how God blesses his Believers in God, via Jesus Christ! To live our Dream Life today! We’re praying for U + Urs to join us in God’s benefits!

Joyful teenagers with their parents

So Lastly – Come Join Us in Living Ur Dream Life

U can do so by joining us in sharing Ur Dream Life experiences with God! Plus sharing in Ur comments below how U feel after reading this blog! Furthermore U can share this blog by clicking on the Share Button below and using Ur favourite social media to let others know!

That God helps Loneliness – How to STOP suffering! Plus God helps U who ask for help in every other way of Ur life – To live without stress daily!

Monday, October 8, 2018


What's it really all about?

That U are FULL of THANKS!
For BEing the #REAL U +

DOing Ur part to bless Ur #country +

HAVing enough each day
to #FREELY #SHARE with Ur #neighbours
who are in #REAL #NEED!


Check Ur #selfie out!

Wednesday, October 3, 2018

#Teen #Believers in #God the TIME for #Selfies is OVER!

It's TIME for Selfless Sacrificial Service to Ur fellow Canadians + USA and Mexican neighbours!

Improve the #world Begin with Ur self through #PRAYER + #PRACTICE of #LOVE Ur neighbours!

Ourplace in Canada #PRAYS for U + Urs

Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Leo Rojas - El Condor Pasa

An Amazing Artist
Leo Rojas
Shows Beauty in Nature and Woman

With Man + Woman of All Cultures
Working in God's Harmony

Hold Up His #World
for All to Live in Peace + Protection

Ourplace in #Canada
#PRAYS that All 
Will Receive God's Blessings

South Asian Men and Ur Families 

Sunday, September 30th Starts at 6PM 
A ONCE in a Lifetime #LifeChanging BANQUET! 

Come to the ROYAL INDIA Banquet Hall 
Located at 31 Melanie Drive, Brampton

CALL NOW Javed at 647-718-2001 
or Darryl at 416-561-3064 


South Asian Banquet in Brampton Invitation   

Saturday, September 22, 2018

God Hits Ottawa with His #OttawaStorm

#OttawaStorm Devastates Ottawa Area

.@JustinTrudeau Our beloved #PrimeMinister + Ur #Liberal Cabinet #AskGod for his #HELLPPP?

As #God hits his #Ottawa with his #OttawaStorm!

Canadians - Especially its #Kids

#Teens + #YoungAdults

#TrustInGod ONLY

Canada LOVE TaxEm Trudeau

Saturday, August 18, 2018

LIve Ur DREAMS Youth

Live Ur DREAMS Youth

YOUTH LIVE Ur DREAMS today – God’s Way! 

All it takes is a NEW ATTITUDE + ASK + ACTION 
That is it to LIVE Ur DREAMS today!

1st. Step is Ur NEW ATTITUDE Ur New Attitude requires that U start to BELIEVE that God desires to give U a REAL DREAM LIFE!

2nd. Step  is ASK? Ask God, in the name of Jesus, to START to GIVE U OPPORTUNITY to LIVE Ur DREAMS today? 

3rd. Step is ACTION - This requires a diligent attitude + faith to HEAR + OBEY God, as he leads U every day in living Ur DREAM LIFE

These are the  3 Steps to Live Ur DREAMS with a NEW ATTITUDE + ASK + ACTION! while God provides U his power - START TODAY

hendrickus of Ourplace in Canada

We at #Ourplace in #Toronto #Canada are praying for U. We expect to also see U Live Ur #UGame Dream Life – God’s Way!

All ages living heir #UGame Dream Lfe
Living Ur #UGame Dream Life

Therefore let us know how U are doing via Comments in this post. Or email us  at To ask our help in specific areas of the new U Living Ur DREAMS! SHARE this post with family and friends, and bless them in joining U in Living Ur DREAM LIFE!

Remember, God’s PEACE + POWER + PROSPERITY is Urs!

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Dream Life HELP

Dream Life HELP available for Young Dreamers!
Short video by Ourplace in Canada, gives young people a PROVEN WAY
to fulfill their HOPES and DREAMS for their LIFE. 
Take a look and Try it! 
Learn More 

Saturday, June 23, 2018

ArtOfTheDEAL - Trump Trudeau

ArtOfTheDEAL - Trump Trudeau: ArtOfTheDEAL Trump + Trudeau Canada Style Now that @realDonaldTrump is the USA POTUS45 we are all going to learn the #ArtOfTheDeal from #DealerDon + Canada’s #TaxEmTrudeau #GodSays “Love your neighbor as yourself and it is better to give than to receive” Canada the USA’s best neighbour is encouraged by God to love the USA + … Continue reading ArtOfTheDEAL – Trump + Trudeau →

Friday, March 9, 2018

Canada LOVE TaxEm Trudeau

Canadian YOUTH #TimesUp for #TaxEmTrudeau to keep bleeding ALL #Canadians with UNFAIR TAXES! It's TIME #Young #People to SHOUT OUT ... enough is ENOUGH #TaxEmTrudeau #TET

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Pregnant, Homeless and Hungry

All too often, we forget about the young girls who live in our neighbourhoods
Amongst them, can be those who are keeping a #SECRET!

They're #PREGNANT + #HOMELESS (even though they may still live with their all too busy with their #Selfie #Parents) + HUNGRY for someone the #SHARE their misery with

When U discover such a suffering soul in Ur #NEIGHBOURHOOD 
#REACH OUT + #LISTEN + #HELP in whatever way U can

#God sees Ur #LOVE for ALL his #CHILDREN