Monday, August 7, 2017

Adopt a Homeless Person in Canada

Adopt a Homeless Person in Canada!

Yet winter is on its way. Now may be the time to start Ur own #AdoptAHomelessOne Program! 
How and Why do U Ask - Can I help a homeless one?

Let's talk the Why first
Because #GodSays to U + Urs, "Love Ur neighbour as Ur #selfie, and #homeless people
in Ur #neighbourhood are Ur neighbours - Plus, I'll bless U if U #HELLPPP them!"

YES! - #GodSays, the homeless ones in Ur neighbourhood are also my children,
and I count on U to be my means of helping them - If ... they want my help via U.

Plus, I'll continue to bless U + Urs with my food + clothing + shelter + all Ur other needs!

Now let's talk the How
The HOW depends upon several things in Ur own life and circumstances, namely:
1. How old U are, because interesting enough, young kids have more empathy
    towards the truly homeless, than older folks! Yet, #kids God also says
    " Children obey Ur parents, that it may go well with U, and U'll live a long time."
    Thus, before U do anything to help the homeless ones in Ur neighbourhood,
    U need to discuss it with Ur #parents, and get their blessing and help!

2. Where U live, because helping the homeless ones is different for U,
    if U live in a major Canadian city, from a smaller city or rural farm area,
    or even on or near an #Aboriginal #Reservation.

   In the major Canadian cities, such as #Montreal, #Toronto, or #Vancouver,
   at times the homeless ones U encounter, may be at their new edge of  dealing
   with a major addiction, or due to divorce, or separationno longer able to afford
   a decent roof over their heads. Especially, if the kids are living with their #Mom.
   While these new conditions in their lives, can also apply in smaller communities,
   rural farm areas, or even on aboriginal reservationsa closer network of family,
   friends, and/or community support resources may be more readily available there.

3. What resources U + Urs have available to share with the homeless ones 
    in Ur neighbourhood?

    Do U have extra food, clothing (like socks, sweaters, boots, coats etc.),
    or even extra shelter space in Ur place of residence to share?
    If so, #AskGod to #HELLPPP U find 1 homeless person, to share with that day,
    what #God has given U to share? Use Godly wisdom + discretion in how U approach, plus
    ask the homeless one, what they need that day, and make provision to give it to them?

    For example, most "panhandling" homeless ones, will ask U for money.
    "Hey, got any spare change for me?" - Yet, money may only send them
    deeper into their addiction, or even "temporary comfort" with their homeless state.

    Instead, offer to take them to a #TimHorton's for a coffee + sandwich!
    Or if they truly need clothes, offer to bring them some of the items they say they need.

    Or if U have extra, safe space where U live, offer to put them up for 1 night.

    When the writer was living just SW of New York City, he found a homeless man
    living in his garage. He discussed it with his wife, and two young daughters, and
    they agreed to make him a bed space in our house - in the basement.

    We locked the door between the basement and house at night, and invited him up
    to eat breakfast with us. During the day there were AA meetings in an outreach
    church nearby, where he could hang out warm, with 5 meetings per day
    with food and coffee, and where he could help out in cleaning up.

    After 2 weeks he moved on of his own volition, and it had blessed us to know,
    just how fortunate we were to have a house and food to share!

Sooo … U’ve got a choice to make - today!

U can expect others to do Ur work for U, by paying ever more taxes to government agencies,
or adopt #kids in far off Africa (which is also a good thing to do), or U can improve
the world, and begin with Ur #selfie, and AdoptAHomelessOne, #AAHO, in Ur neighbourhood!

#AskGod to bring U 1 Homeless One to #HELLPPP to adopt? 
And improve the life of 1 soul in Ur neighborhood with Ur care + help one day at a time!
Continue to avoid the homeless ones in Ur neighbourhood!

Or #AskGod to #HELLPPP U to #Adopt A Homeless One (#AAHO), 
who truly needs Ur love + sharing!

God will bless U! - It's #GbG = Guaranteed by God