Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Kids in Canada Love Ur Friends in Mexico and USA

Kids in Canada: Love Ur Friends in Mexico and USA!

Are U a Canadian kid with a cool Dad + Mom
who truly loves U and wants the best for U?
Then it may be time to share that love
with Ur friends in Mexico and the United States of America!

Don't have any friends in Mexico or the United States of America?
Easy solution - Get some via Ur Instagram, Twitter or other sites okayed by Ur parents

Start telling Ur existing or new found friends
about the things U enjoy doing in Canada

Things like playing video games 
Forza Horizon 3, Super Mario Maker or Pokemon SUN video games
Or Arena and Field Games
Vancouver Canucks, Montreal Canadiens,  Calgary Flames, Winnipeg Jets 
Toronto Leafs or Edmonton Oilers hockey
Blue Jays baseball or Raptors basketball 
Ask Ur Mexican and USA friends
what video + arena games they mostly play?
And who their favourite teams are?

Tell Ur Dad, Mom and Canadian friends
about Ur new Mexican and USA friends 
And what their activities + interests are
This way U are not only expanding 
Ur Friends for Life Network
But also becoming 
a Canadian Ambassador of Goodwill for Canada!

Talk it over with Ur Dad, Mom + close friends!
U can start an Adopt A Friend Club for 
Ur Area with Ur Canadian friends

Give Ur AAFClub a catchy name and mascot
Such as the Vancouver Victors AAFClub or
Halifax Heroes AAFClub or
Montreal Mes Amis AAFClub

Only Ur creativity + catchiness limits U
#AskGod for favour with Ur Dad, Mom + Canadian friends
As well as Ur newfound 
Mexican and American friends!

Then watch Ur Adopt A Friend Club grow!
And do great things for 
Canada + Mexico + USA + Ur friends and U 
#Ourplace prays for U + Urs!