Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Calling all Canadian Parents and Grandparents

Calling all Canadian Parents + Grandparents

1. Are U getting concerned about our Canadian Social Security Purse
    shrinking and perhaps not having enough for Ur long retired years?

2. About our pro-middle class, pro-more tax money solves everything,
    and pro-me #selfie seeking politicians, using more of Ur tax money
    to "invest" in "sink-hole let's make me look good" projects?

Then it may be time for U to "Improve Canada & Begin with Ur Selfie!"


How U ask?
By Saving Ur Children from Ur selfie + Ur government!

By asking God to give U the courage to:

1. Invest Ur time + talent + treasure first in Ur kids

2. Examine Ur selfie lifestyle and throw out all useless stuff

3. Ask Ur kids to share their dreams + desires for Ur family

Save Ur self from Ur selfie and Ur self-serving leaders!

Truly #invest first in Ur children - every day 
Ur hard-earned enthusiasm + experience + excellence in Ur kids!

True #SocialSecurity is:

1. Godly children, obedient to parents and grandparents

2. Who have been taught to love life
     and their neighbours of all cultures, and

3. Who care for their aging parents + grandparents
    in their golden-sunset years of a Godly life well lived 

That's the Social Security, Guaranteed by God (#GbG)
to Godly parents + grandparents of all cultures and economies!

After all, #Canada is God's Global Village of peace + prosperity!

Canada Save Ur Children #Ourplace prays!

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  1. In spite of our leaders of our families, organizations, corporations, nonprofits and governments, God continues to "Keep Canada glorious and free!" Canada is truly becoming God's Global Village that welcomes all who desire to "Love their neighbour as themselves" Let us pray and hope that the parents and grandparents of our youngest Canadians start hearing + obeying God to #SurviveWithPower - God's Way - Today's rapidly increasing world chaos.