Saturday, August 18, 2018

LIve Ur DREAMS Youth

Live Ur DREAMS Youth

YOUTH LIVE Ur DREAMS today – God’s Way! 

All it takes is a NEW ATTITUDE + ASK + ACTION 
That is it to LIVE Ur DREAMS today!

1st. Step is Ur NEW ATTITUDE Ur New Attitude requires that U start to BELIEVE that God desires to give U a REAL DREAM LIFE!

2nd. Step  is ASK? Ask God, in the name of Jesus, to START to GIVE U OPPORTUNITY to LIVE Ur DREAMS today? 

3rd. Step is ACTION - This requires a diligent attitude + faith to HEAR + OBEY God, as he leads U every day in living Ur DREAM LIFE

These are the  3 Steps to Live Ur DREAMS with a NEW ATTITUDE + ASK + ACTION! while God provides U his power - START TODAY

hendrickus of Ourplace in Canada

We at #Ourplace in #Toronto #Canada are praying for U. We expect to also see U Live Ur #UGame Dream Life – God’s Way!

All ages living heir #UGame Dream Lfe
Living Ur #UGame Dream Life

Therefore let us know how U are doing via Comments in this post. Or email us  at To ask our help in specific areas of the new U Living Ur DREAMS! SHARE this post with family and friends, and bless them in joining U in Living Ur DREAM LIFE!

Remember, God’s PEACE + POWER + PROSPERITY is Urs!