Thursday, July 4, 2013


God’s USA kids - Have a BLESSED 237th 4th of July!  

Remember, In God We Trust is still on U.S. currency 

However truly we Trust In Money mostly these day 

#GodSays to you Trust In God ONLY! Then you will #SurviveWithPower - God's POWER in God's peace + protection + prosperity every day

How can little me Trust In God these chaotic times you ask?
Given all the bad and ugly stuff happening in our beloved USA

What with with hell on earth heat waves of drought and disease 
With our mighty U.S. dollar burning up faster then we can spend it

With the rich-poor pretenders still playing Casino Slots on Wall Street

With our beloved President O-BAM-AH giving away even more of my money 
to the ever suffering African folks - Who really hate the USA

How can little me truly TRUST in God?

Here's How!

1 #AskGod what attitude + action changes do I need to make?

2 #AskGod to HELP you CHANGE IT - starting today
3 #AskGod to HELP you SurviveWithPower God's Power every day

THANK God daily for his help

TELL all your still suffering family, friends and neighbors
WHAT God is doing in your little life since you have started to Trust In God again

TRY IT for 30 days
It's GbG'd Guaranteed by God
#SurviveWithPower this blessed July 1st USA - God's children

Ourplace continues to pray for you and yours

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  1. It's been over four years since God gave hendrickus of Ourplace this 4th of July Blessing for our United States of America families and friends. And much unexpected has happened since! Yet America continues to draw away from "In God We Trust" and reap the chaos and catastrophe God has warned us about for thousands of years! However, at Ourplace we continue to pray for the U.S.A. and hope that once they "hit bottom" they'll get back to Trusting In God!