Monday, July 1, 2013



Gimme Shelter Cause I Can’t Get No Satisfaction
Can't Get Enough - Enough - Enough
Is this your CRY for HELP Today?


A CRY to LIVE in the Shelter of the Most High
Not in the security and supply of the high and mighty powerless-pretenders

A CRY to ABIDE under the Shadow of Protection and Prosperity of the Almighty

IF … IF … IF your little i has truly had
Enough - Enough - Enough

TRY this Prayer of POWER - God’s Way
For 30 days
 It’s Guaranteed by God (#GbG)
God grant me your power to accept the things i can not change

Your power to change the things i can 
Your wisdom to know the difference

Between what i can’t change and
what i can with your presence and power

Help me to live one day at a time
In your shelter of the Most High God 
To abide under your all mighty shadow 
of protection and prosperity - God’s Way!

Trusting your voice inspirationally, intuitively and immediately
In jc’s name - So be it!

Ourplace continues to pray for you and yours

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  1. July 1st 2013 Dominion Day/Canada Day in CANADA - Godnews

    All BE-loved of God on the W.W.W. and U.W.W.
    Please continue to pray for Ourplace and i !!!

    That we may wisely and humbly use God's resources
    on the W.W.W. and U.W.W. without frustrating you
    or causing any of you to NOT Seek God's Way!

    God's Way is the ONLY WAY to Survive with Power Daily!

    As God continues to destroy man's yes we can attitude & actions!
    God instead offers you FREELY by God's Grace - God's Way

    your servant, praying for you & yours, hendrickus of Ourplace