Friday, May 1, 2015

Helping the Devastated Ones

Dear Readers + Followers of God
Helping the Devastated Ones below you’ll read a short public letter i sent to Doug Saunders, a young reporter for Canada’s Globe and Mail. His Article in the April 28, 2015 Globe and its social media Proposed 5 Rules of Disaster Charity Based on his personal experiences during the 2004 Sri Lanka Tsunami Disaster
My Public Letter to Doug Saunders follows
Doug, your possible 5 Disaster Help Rules may work. They’re based on your 10 year-old experiences in the 2004 Sri Lanka Tsunami Disaster! Wherein you first-hand observed life but did NOT LIVE the DEVASTATED LIFE which the millions of devastated ones did!
Lived not only during the moment of disaster but for years afterwards!
You came! You saw! You wrote! And you went home to your O Canada Comfort Zone!
Basically Your 5 Disaster Rules Are
1 Do not proselytize
2 Give to the BIG charities e.g. UNICEF High Commission for Refugees – Red Cross/Red Crescent They can handle the BIG DISASTERS better Beware of Celebrity and Business People Vanity Charities
3 Don’t go there
4 Don’t send stuff
5 Give but don’t be specific

A Life-Changing thought for you Doug Saunders to bless the Nepal DEVASTATED ONES!
Ask your Globe and Mail boss to send you to Nepal right NOW! To let you stay there for the next 6 months to live in one of the worst devastated areas, perhaps Bhaktapur. Ask the devastated ones – What they NEED right NOW and later?
File a Devastated Nepal epiCentre BLOG
Let the devastated ones tell their story and WHAT they NEED right NOW and later
Act as a Communication Clearing Centre
for interested hands-on helpers for the next six months via your Devastated Nepal epiCentre Blog. Then, when you come back to safe and mostly serene O Canada after six months in Nepal, write a Life-Changing Book based on your experiences living with the devastated ones. Ask your Globe and Mail boss to let you serialize your Life-Changing Book in the Globe. The title of your book, A Globe Reporter’s Experience + Strength + Hope To help the Devastated Ones in Nepal
We at #Ourplace are praying for you and the devastated ones! If you and your boss at the Globe agree and you GO to Nepal for the next six months.We’ll gladly make a monetary contribution for your expenses and your book hendrickusOfOurplace

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  1. The DEVASTATIONS on our earth have multiplied beyond belief since 2015!
    Not only natural disasters, but political, police and pundit experts and leader DISASTERS are upon us. Yet there is always hope to #SurviveWithPower - God's Way! Just #AskGod